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Scorpio Monthly Horoscope – Based on Moon Sign

monthly horoscope scorpio
Scorpio November Horoscope- This month is a positive month for you. You will feel in control, dynamic and there would be hard work and lots of efforts from your side which will give fruit. This is the time when you will feel very attractive and experience attention from people around you. Expenses and overheads would continue to be high. There would be financial pressures but November 2019 will be a better month than October 2019. Energy level and stamina could go down after the 17th November 2019. So you should try and complete all tasks in the first half of the month.

There could be worry on account of friends and as well as your current source of income. Liquidity and financial pressures could rise after the 22nd November 2019. Be careful in how you handle your money matters during this time. There could be a feeling of detachment from the beginning till end of the month. You may feel worried and issues could come in around the 6th and 22nd November 2019.

careerCareer:  Career would be quite positive this month. In the first half of the month, you will find good progress & support from people in authority and gains from efforts made in the past. Overall you would be dynamic, work hard and will be totally in control and focus on your work. Very good level of progress is possible. Some amount of slowdown and slight setbacks could come in after the 17th November 2019. You should avoid taking any major risk in the second half of the month.

Work environment will also be very positive but at the same time, aggressive. You could get into disagreements with your boss and the people in authority. As long as you can keep your aggression in check, this will be a good month. Team and colleagues might not be very supportive. There could be chances that they bring you losses and your position down. You should avoid delegation of work as much as possible. Any work and efforts you make individually will give you better returns rather than going through the team.

Love and Marriage:
 Love matters will be very positive. Your sex appeal would be very high. There would be people all around you & you will be the centre of attraction. Socially it is a very positive month. There are good chances of a new relationship now. Existing relationships will be tough. The mental connect with your partner might not be very good. Avoid controversy and over aggression at all times. Marriage matters will be very positive. Spouse would be dominant and in control but overall this would be a happy social phase. You should enjoy this month in the company of your spouse.

moneyMoney and Finances: Financially, the month is better than the last month. Though you could be stressed due to the poor liquidity in financial matters. There would be gains from people whom you work with. Professionals will find the month useful too. Expenses will be high and financial commitments will worry you a lot. Liquidity could dip after the 22nd November 2019 so you need to be cautious about how you allocate your resources. Income would dip a bit but still it will not be a bad month. Investments will also be below average. Avoid new investments during this month also.

studentStudents and Children: This is not a very favorable month for children. Health might be difficult and all relations could be strained. Avoid aggression towards family and children during this time. Students might face some hurdles too. The level of concentration could be low. Ability to learn new things could be low too. Exams could be challenging but still results would not be so bad.

healthHealth and Family: 
Health could be poor in the second half of the month. Your energy and immune system could dip a little bit after the 17th November 2019. Avoid excessive efforts and work during this time. Family matters would be average. As long as you avoid aggression and conflict, the family life should be positive for you.

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